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Shamanic Practitioner Training

The Path of the Beauty Way

Empowered Embodied Purpose

Level 1: Live online training 4 modules of 8 weeks
Level 2: On site practical training


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Course Modules

Using the Andean Medicine Wheel we awaken and come home through the wisdom of the indigenous cultures.

 East Module

The path of the Condor

Spirit of the Fire

29th Oct  - 17th Dec 2021
Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am
Live Online.


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South Module

The Path of the Serpent

Spirit of the Water

7th Jan - 15th Feb 2022
Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am
Live Online.


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West Module

The Path of the Jaguar

Spirit of the Wind
 11th March - 29th April 2022
Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am
Live Online.


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North Module

The path of Hummingbird

Spirit of the Earth

13th May - 1st July 2022
Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am
Live Online.


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Shamanic Practitioner

Course Details

Create a new path for your life and connect to your life purpose.

East  Module
The Path Of The Condor

 29th Oct  - 17th Dec 2021. Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am Live Online.

 The Condor brings us new vision

The East is the element of fire

In this 8 week module we explore

  • New vision and a new beginning for humanity
  • Eagle/Condor prophecies living using tribal wisdom
  • Making a sacred fire and fire rituals
  • Using the fire for healing
  • Chord cutting healing techniques
  • Prayer ties, Sun dance and Vision quest
  • Using light frequencies for healing
  • Eagle Condor and fire songs
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South Module
The Path Of The Serpent

7th Jan - 15th Feb 2022 Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am Live Online.

The Serpent is the brings transformation

The South is the element of water

In this 8 week module we explore:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Spirit animal guides
  • Shamanic tools
  • Medicinal plant tinctures
  • Serpent Songs and Water Songs
  • Ceremonial Moon work
  • Becoming a water guardian
  • Sacred water blessings and offerings
  • Creating a sacred altar
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West  Module
The Path Of The Jaguar

 11th March-29th April 2022 Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am Online.

The Jaguar brings Courage

The West is the element air

In this 8 week module we explore:

  • Shadow work
  • Self Love
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Soul retrieval
  • Breath as a healing tool
  • Using the power of the wind for healing.
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Tribal songs and chants
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North  Module
The Path Of The Hummingbird

13th May - 1st July 2022 Every Friday 9.30am-11.30am Live Online.

The Hummingbird empowers and bring purpose and joy to our lives

The North is the Earth element

In this 8 week module we explore:

  •  Grounding and Embodiment Healing Techniques
  • Sacred mountains/ Sacred sites
  • Purpose
  • Empowerment techniques
  • Haywarikuy (despacho) offerings to mother earth.
  • Become and earth keeper creating an action plan form the earth.
  • Tribal Rituals
  • Making agua de florida for energetic healing and protection
  • Hummingbird and Earth songs
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I can’t recommend this course highly enough! This unique shamanic training course offers a wealth of wisdom and practices. Discovering spirit animals and enhancing connection to inner worlds and other realms has brought me protection and peace. We also regularly practiced breath work, meditation, movement and other skillful supports. This course helped me to maintain sanity and connection no matter what is happening. I feel inspired to remain open, joyful and caring, even when life is stressful; to access my innate confidence and draw on inner supports, to turn difficult times into opportunities and learn wonderful rituals and songs to uplift! Joy is a uniquely kind and humble teacher who is skilful beyond belief and her trainings open worlds…

Sandi Sharkey, London

Travelling the Path of the Beauty way, guided by Joy has been one of gentle transformation in being and seeing. Face to face online with Joy continues to be a great gift, as she shares her understanding of these beauty ways and encourages us to find our own unique voices. Her learning is held lightly and is both playful and profound. Walking with Joy on this path has enabled me to connect ever more prayerfully to the natural world and express my great gratitude to Mother Earth for her gifts.

Gaye Hereford, Bristol

The Path of the Beauty Way

Shamanic Practitioner Training


Level 1 Certification Course


Online Training 


Teachings are recorded for your reference if you cannot make the live event course dates and times. 

East Module - The Path of the Condor ( 8 weeks ) 

29th October 2021 to 17th December 2021

9.30am - 11.30am (UK time) every Friday.

South Module - The Path of the Serpent ( 8 weeks )

7th January 2022 to 25th February 2022

9.30am - 11.30am (UK time) every Friday.

West Module - The Path of the Jaguar ( 8 weeks )

11th March to 29th April 2022

9.30am - 11.30am (UK time) every Friday.

North Module - The Path of the Hummingbird ( 8 weeks )

13th May to 1st July 2022

9.30am -11.30 am (UK time) every Friday.

Each Module Includes:

  • Online meetings with an intimate group 
  • Shamanic Teaching Sessions  
  • Tuition and guidance
  • Course Notes
  • Videos
  • Song Recordings and lyrics


  • Healing Techniques for self and others
  • Activities for you to complete
  • Group support
  • A certificate of completion of module

This is a Trauma Informed Course.

Professional module also required for completion of course which includes trauma awareness and professional conduct.

Investment for the online course is £1999.00

Payment plans available.


Course accredited by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) 


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Shamanic Training Residential Course

The Path of the Beauty Way

Level 2 Certification Course

Healing with the Elements

The Path of the Beauty Way Practical Component 

Prerequisite for the practical course is that you participate in the online training.

This is an onsite practical residential course focusing on Shamanic Healing techniques and Initiations through ceremony. 

 Investment, dates and full details for onsite training TBC


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This course aims to support you to walk the beauty way:

  • Learn Shamanic Healing techniques to support our personal growth and the healing of others.  
  • To live in a way that nourishes you and the earth and others. Through right action and right livelihood.
  • Become a Shamanic Practitioner and connect to your purpose.
  • To create a tribe and community around you and to empower and inspire yourself and others to step up.
  • Be an impulse for transformation and create solutions for the new earth.

Connect with the earth, the nature, the elements, the animal spirits:

  • To understand and live in balance with the elements and the natural cycles of the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth.
  • Create a beautiful existence in alignment with the natural ways of being.
  • To work with animal spirits and guides
  • To be humble and to simplify your life.

Heal our ancestors and learn ceremonial ways:

  • Ancestral healing. Re-connection with our lineage and old natural ways to live in harmony.
  • We will learn the power of the indigenous medicine wheel and shamanic healing.
  • To develop an understanding of the wisdom of plant consciousness.
  • Learn tribal wisdom and ways including Native American & Inca teachings.
  • Becoming an Earth Keeper in alignment with the Q’ero and Kogi elders and Grandmother/ Grandfather Council of ancient wisdom keepers. 

Transform all that is in the way of us being the highest version of ourselves:

  • Live more peacefully and connect to the awakened conscious being within.
  • To develop self awareness and wisdom so we may understand and let go of suffering through meditation and self inquiry.
  • To create loving kindness and good action towards yourself, humanity and the earth. The understanding of living Ayni, sacred reciprocity. The balance of giving and receiving. What we give naturally comes back to us.

Open the song lines:

  • Learning sacred songs from different lineages.
  • Finding your voice and share your song.
  • Using songs for healing and open your heart through singing.
  •  Create a healing vibration through your songs.
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