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Family Constellation Therapy

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Family constellation therapy online sessions benefits by exploring hidden dynamics within family systems. This helps unveil intergenerational patterns, unresolved conflicts, and unspoken loyalties that may impact your emotional well-being.

By externalizing and visually representing family dynamics through symbolic elements, this process provides insights into complex relational issues.

You gain a deeper understanding of your family's influence on your life, fostering empathy and healing.

Family constellation sessions empower you to break free from entangled patterns, promoting emotional release, reconciliation, and a greater sense of personal autonomy.

A 1 hour session costs £100.

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A package of four online one to one sessions with Joy.
Centered on your individual needs to guide your transformation.


Investment for four one hour online sessions £400.00

Using somatic experiencing, family constellations, internal family systems, shamanic healing techniques & ancestral healing to support you in finding balance and harmony.


Joy’s approach resonated with me. Through 4 healing sessions, we explored a range of different modalities to dig into what had been causing my lifelong addiction issues. The work shone a light on some other areas of my life that at first glance seemed unrelated, but as we continued, I realised were all different layers of the same thing. We spent a lot of time exploring my family relationships and the relationship I have with myself, and off the back of the work.
I now have a clear view of what I want and need on a soul level to move forward.

Joy is an empathetic healer, with one foot in the spiritual world and the other firmly placed on the ground. She was able to pinpoint the issues I needed to work on from a whole lot of my ramblings, and tailor the sessions to my unique situation.

I would recommend Joy to anyone working who is struggling with their place in the world, addiction issues, family responsibilities, or a general lack of direction in their life. Should I find myself needing help or guidance in the future.
I will be reaching out to Joy in a heartbeat. - Andy


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