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Shamanic Practitioner Training

The Path of the Beauty Way

Empowered Embodied Purpose


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Shamanic Practitioner Training Course

The Path Of The Beauty Way


Is there is a call for change within you?


 Connect with Tribal Wisdom and Ceremonial Ways through this course.

Become a Shamanic Practitioner and create a thriving purposeful vocation.

Transform your life and inspire and facilitate transformation for others.

This course aims to support you to...

... walk the beauty way through ceremonial rituals...

....learn shamanic healing techniques...

... open the song lines and learn powerful shamanic songs...

... connect with the earth, the nature, the elements, the animal spirits ...

... clear old inherited patterns through ancestral healing.....

.....develop self mastery  through awareness and meditation....

... transform all that is in the way of us being the highest version of ourselves...

....Create a new way of living in alignment with nature........

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"The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence the more magical life becomes."


What People Say About Me...

They say when the student is ready, the right teacher will present themselves, and this was exactly the case with Joy and I. I was feeling a deep call to re-connect with tribal and indigenous ways and couldn’t have felt more blessed to have found Joy to facilitate this process. Joy has accumulated a wealth of earthly wisdom through years of travel and her own personal healing journey, which she imparts in the most beautiful and compassionate way. The classes in her shamanic training are filled with joy. We meditate, we share in circle, we sing songs, we learn rituals and all elements of walking The Beauty Way. Joy guides us through a host of powerful healing techniques, and I always come away from our sessions feeling grounded, nourished and uplifted, with a deep sense of inner harmony prevailing from week to week. If you feel called to do this type of work, then Joy is the most wonderful guide to walk the path with. 

Anna Burke, London

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Hello! I’m Joy!  

I have worked with indigenous wisdom and sacred tribal ways for 15 years. I am an experienced Space Holder, Song Carrier,Teacher, Shamanic Healer & Therapist. Through my own self healing journey I have developed a deep sense of understanding & compassion. 


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